Chia and Diabetes Mellitus (Type 2)


A Chia supplement improves long-term cardiovascular risk factors in Type 2 Diabetes:

A long term Chia supplement mitigates cardiovascular risk factors such as systolic pressure, ultrasensitive PCR (inflammation) and FvW (coagulation), while keeping a good glycemic and lipidic control in individuals with well-controlled Type 2 diabetes.

Chia seeds lower blood pressure in Type 2 diabetes patients:

A diet containing Chia seeds significantly lowers blood pressure (9.6 mm Hg). Chronic inflammation and coagulation indexes were also significantly lower. Therefore, intake of chia seed decreases cardiovascular risk in a high-risk population, improves diabetes treatment and reduces cardiovascular episodes.

Chia seeds prolong postprandial glycemia:

Intake of Chia prolongs the absorption of sugar in the bowels, resulting in improvement of insulin sensitivity and helping in the prevention and treatment of diabetes.

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