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Certified Organic Chia Seeds

GUARANTEED Lowest Delivered Pricing!

ALL OUR Seed Is Grown In S. America & Mexico

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Certified Organic Chia Seeds

Chia seed is our specialty!  We are registered with the FDA and they inspect every lot. This chia seed is the cleanest and most dense seed we have found on the planet.

This particular chia seed IS CERTIFIED ORGANIC BY WSDA. It is 3rd party analyzed and the current Certificate of Analysis is on file and available too.

WSDA Certified Organic / Kosher and Parve / Certified NON-GMO / Certified Gluten-Free

Salba, Mila, Lifemax and Benvia Gold Chia Seed

We source our chia seed directly from Bolivia, Ecuador and Mexico.

We do NOT source ANY chia seed from China.

GetChia's black chia seeds are the exact same seed, Salvia hispanica L. as many higher priced brands like:

Salba and Mila and Lifemax and Benvia Gold chia Seed and "other brands" of black chia seed!

Don't be fooled by the Mila or Lifemax brand and other marketing; our black chia seed is the finest black chia in the world!

GetChia chia seeds ARE CERTIFIED ORGANIC BY VERIFIED, USDA AGENCIES unlike many "other brands".